Hair Type/Origin Descriptions

 VIETNAMESE HAIR - 100% Virgin Hair

Vietnamese hair extensions are offered in natural wavy and straight. The color ranges from naturally dark brown to black. Vietnamese hair has round thick fibers with a high level of black melanin. Due to the high level of melanin, Vietnamese hair is hard to color. Please keep this in mind, as it is harder to lift (color) Vietnamese hair due to its high levels of melanin. It requires a professional-strength bleach/developer (booster/40 vol. bleach) to reach the desired lift and may sometimes have to be done more than once. Vietnamese hair may also be prone to static at times.  Vietnamese Hair  is durable, lightweight and extremely easy to maintain. This hair is the perfect fit for people who love bone straight, wake up and go hair.



Southeast Asian hair extensions are offered in a natural loose wave texture and can be naturally silky or heavily textured. Southeast Asian hair is typically thicker in texture than the alternatives due to the larger scale of the cuticle. This type of hair is sourced from several countries in the region–mostly Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. The color range of the bundles range from  a natural 1B and 2.

BURMESE HAIR - 100% Human Hair & Steam Processed

Burmese hair extensions are every girls dream. It is offered in a beautiful riglet curl pattern and is highly sought-after. It is full of luster. Burmese hair comes from the country of Burma. Burmese hair is known for being healthy and extremely resilient. Virgin hair is steam processed to achieve its curl pattern.


BRAZILIAN HAIR (straight & curly)- 100% Human Hair

Brazilian hair extensions are the most desired texture on the market right now. This hair is used widely admired for its durability and high density (thickness). This texture blends well with African American relaxed textures. Brazilian hair is extremely luxurious with great body and holds a curly like no other. Its luster is low to medium. Due to its natural density, is less likely to frizz. This hair is extremely versatile.



The Brazilian kinky curly hair extension choices incorporate the Kinky Curly and Afro Kinky textures. The kinky curly hair is perfect for people with 3C/4A hair textures, and the afro kinky hair blends well with 4B hair.  This hair is our heat free hair (when deciding to have leave-out) as it blends well with natural African American curl patterns. To obtain a curly pattern, our Brazilian human hair is steamed processed.


The Malaysian extensions are for our "Financially Savvy" consumers, who are looking for quality hair on a budget. It is offered in straight and body wave texture. This has a natural shine and blends well with natural or texturized hair. It is thick with natural volume and density. This hair can be lifted from its normal #1B shading to a #27 nectar blonde. If you are searching for human hair that won't burn up all available resources then this is the weave for you! This hair is grade 7A and great for people looking for a quick fix and still achieve a great do.